Admission to the Practical Nursing (LPN) Program

Enrollment in the LPN Certificate program is determined on an annual basis and requires all interested students to formally apply for admission each year. The application, free & available on our website, must be submitted prior to December 1st of the year before they are seeking Fall admission. (Ex. December 1st, 2018 is the deadline for Fall 2019 admissions)

**All students who wish to be considered for the RN program must first complete a LPN Program and be licensed as a Practical Nurse in the State of New York, whether or not the student is a recent NCCC graduate.


All students must meet the following minimum requirements for consideration. Meeting these requirements will not guarantee admission to the program, which is highly competitive.

  • LPN applicants are required to take a Nursing Entrance and Admissions exam.

Freshman Admissions:

  1. Completion of  Regular High School Diploma
  2. Completion of NYS Regents Biology with passing Regents score of 80 or greater.
  3. Completion of NYS Regents English 11 (ELA) with a passing Regents score of 75 or greater.
  4. Completion of two years of NYS Regents math coursework and two passing Regents scores of 75 or greater.
  5. Non-NYS graduates must have completed similar high school requirements.

Transfer/Re-admit/Continuing Student Admission:

  1. Student must be in good academic standing at previous institution attended with a minimum GPA of 2.50 / 4.00.
  2. Completion of a college level, 4-credit (with a lab component) biology course, with a grade of B- (2.75) or greater.
  3. Demonstrated success in College-level English and mathematics coursework.
  4. Transfer students who have withdrawn from another colleges nursing program must also submit a transfer acknowledgement letter from the previous nursing school. For additional information regarding this requirement, please contact the Admissions Office.


  • Students who do not meet any one portion of the requirements will be granted admission into the A.S. Health Science degree and are encouraged to re-apply to the program once the above requirements have been satisfied.
  • The following requirements must be on file at the College by August 1st: Nursing student insurance, and completed Health/Immunization records. Any student who does not have this information on file by August 1st will de-registered administratively for any PN nursing courses.
  • A maximum of 17 credits may be transferred in toward the Certificate: Practical Nursing.


For additional information, please refer to the College Catalog or contact the Admissions Office at 888-TRY-NCCC ext 1686 or